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Natalie Wood's Historic Southern California Home Is On The Market

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Supra x Badwood Belmont Shoes Gets Slick Makeover in New Collab

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A rustic stone exterior gives way to an equally quaint interior filled with carved swinging doors, exposed beams, iron accents, and multiple fireplaces to deal with the chilly California weather.

  • How was your work evolved over time? Her followers wanted them available for purchase and that's when she decided to learn how to screen print clothing by herself.

  • When did you start creating art? An artist, an entrepreneur, a game changer — these are only a few ways to describe this twenty-one-year-old badass.

  • What I appreciate about Lonely Ghost, is that they have clothes that range from white and grey tees to neon orange and bubblegum pink.

Natalie Wood's Historic Southern California Home Is On The Market

I think my art just keeps getting more inappropriate and sexual haha.

  • I truthfully do not know how to put it any other way; but I am fully obsessed with it.

  • How did you get this astounding following? She is a strong small brand owner who goes above and beyond to ensure her customers are happy.

  • It gives character and color to plain walls.